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Trimpeks Healthcare has been established in 1990 in Istanbul/Turkey, by partners having the awareness of how valuable and important Health is, in a person’s life.

Considering that a person should both manage to check himself and/or heal himself, at a daily routine or at the required times; we have built up a complete “Home Healthcare” range.

Considering as well that a person has at the required times, to be cared by the Health Professionals in Hospitals and Clinics; we have also built up a complete “basic” “Hospital Products” range.

In this way, we have become a “1-Stop-Shop” for healthcare requirements; which prestigiously serves over 50 countries around the world.

Our criteria for choosing the elements which build up our Product Portfolio is that:

Each & every Trimpeks Product, should be of quality that can be used with our Family Members

Since you have this Catalogue in your hand, we welcome you to be a Trimpeks Partner in your country.

Sincerely yours,


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